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Built by Industry Experts

RDS is a system that works for you, not you working for the system

Our highly-configurable and automated system has been built by industry experts, to give you a very personalized experience. Other systems require significant clicks and swivel-chairing (jumping between different systems), and RDS solves that – streamlined to 1 click for other systems’ 4 clicks! From a Configurable Dashboard and Real-Time Order Progress Bar to Dynamic Order Searches and Auto-populating Forms, RDS has built a system to work for you, not you to work for the system.


Sophisticated System and Outputs

RDS brings together data and integrations to power your business

Our system offers 25+ standard reports and numerous analytics. Want to know Turn Around Time by County, Client, or Vendor? – no problem. Want to see a Productivity Report for your Team? – easy-peasy. RDS provides for billing and even has an API for QuickBooks, and you can export data into excel to do your own data drill-downs. Clients and Vendors alike can use very robust portals. RDS helps you run your business and keeps your reports, packets, invoices, and other outputs top-notch and professional.

  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Profit Tracking
  • Efficiency Tracking
  • Data Automation
  • and much more!


RDS Program Orders
Received and Assigned

Order Search

Reports and


Users LOVE these Features

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Select the RDS Product for you!

Our RDS Products meet you where you are at – from Essentials, Premium to Custom – we have your needs in mind!


Best suited for less than 600 Orders a month and less than 10 users

Dynamic Order Page

Real-time Dashboard & Order Progress Bar

Internal Reports and Analytics

Results - Title/Search Reports

Accounting Features

Mobile-Enabled (phone,tablets)

Starting at $65/mo

Best Value


Best suited for over 600 orders a month and over 10 users

Client Portal

Vendor Portal

Quick Add (auto-copy paste new orders)

Price Quote

Text/SMS Order Communication

Configurable Results Form/Title Reports

Starting at $899/mo


Best suited for larger companies needing more complex integrations and customized features

Industry Expertise and Consultation

Workflow design

Dedicated Operational and Development Support

Systems Integration

Tailored Training & Onboarding

Custom Reporting and Analytics Build-Out

Starting at $20,000


Frequently Asked Questions

The first step in determining which plan is right for your company is determining how many user licenses you will need. If you need access for more than one user, either the Premium Plan or the Ultimate Plan would be right for you. The next step would be to determine how many of the advanced features of RDS you would like to take advantage of for your business! For example, the RDS Ultimate Plan allows users to replace costly, external accounting software with the accounting tools offered in RDS! See the pricing tables for further details on the differences between the tiers.

If you have additional questions, please contact our customer support We would love to help!

Pricing is based on the plan you select for your company. Please refer to the pricing tables above for detailed information!

Our payment gateway allows for acceptance of all major credit cards, check processing, and ACH payments. All payments are processed monthly.

RDS is able to import data from various systems depending on how the data is stored. Contact us and let us know what system you are using so we can better explain what is needed for us to import your data.

Great! You can get started by viewing which plan works best for you. If you already know what you want, the top right of your screen is a Sign Up link. Welcome aboard!

If your company has already signed up with RDS, please ask your company’s system administrator to send you a link to create your own user profile.


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